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            Development Blog

            Wechat Barcode add in CN footer bar

            Apr. 11th 2019

            Added Wechat barcode footer, affect Chinese version only.

            Online Catalogue Launched

            Sep. 8th 2018

            1.Added OL Catalogue to main-menu which leads to http://catalogue.vikadpa.com/ for online catalogue PDF Generator, replaced Product Catalogue under Support menu.

            2.Added EAC Logo

            TecAlliance Logo Updated

            Jul. 10th 2018

            Updated TecAlliance Logo to the latest version which will hyperlink to Techdoc entrance.

            Image Name Check Automatically

            Dec. 13th 2017

            Functionality improvement
            Automatically check and rename all the illegal characters in uploaded image name.

            Community Online For Limited Testing

            Nov. 24th 2017

            Added Community sub-menu under Support, which will hyperlink to Community entrance.

            TecAlliance Logo Link

            Nov. 8th 2017

            Added TecAlliance Logo before the Footer in all Page, which will hyperlink to Techdoc entrance.


            vika DPA Module

            Mar. 12th 2017

            1.Added “Outstanding vika DPA” module in main navigator in all language
            2.Adjust the product menu, merge innovation sub menu to Outstanding vika DPA
            3.Optimize page loading speed for the new added page.
            4.Optimize cache policy


            Some Memo For The First Release

            Feb. 28th 2017

            Well, we have been though a tough and long time to get this new website onboard, like many other initial project, I got nothing but “better” requirement from the very beginning. Fortunately, the people I worked with are all friendly and talented, helping with the graphic design and operation facilitating, which made me have time to think this site through in a systematic way.

            After 6 months hard work in my spare time, the site is officially launched since 2017. It is not an end but a cornerstone for the future and will be some part of our vision, facilitating our vision of client success. thus we appreciate for any improvement suggestion or just some feedback whatever you like or dislike it, all we want here is the website would be a bond for our partner and clients, at least a useful good stuff. that’s will be the best reward for our efforts.

            And finally, we are looking forward to some new module, function there, such as, but not limited to ,the community, social media activity, interactive catalogue etc. and at the same time, improving and optimizing your browsing experience and fixing the potential security vulnerability, which will make you more comfortable and rest visiting our site.

            We are willing to make the feedback more accessible for you, but for the time being, you can just send to fun224@gmail.com. and we will keep information updated in this very page chronologically.


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